Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 9 - Night of the Living Composers

It's the end of the performance week, Clov, just like any other, yet more so, with the red sky at evening seeming to portend another fine show, as we tool west on Manka's Corner Road away from Fairfield, toward Twin Sisters (before this catching up with newspapers and page 6 orchestration of Moses and Aaron: XXI).

South on Abernathy, with views of distant Diablo and a fast-approaching Gomer School,

on to I-80, ascending toward the sunset Sulfur Springs slopes,

where the twilight glow is quite dimmer than suggested here mid-range,

to the fuzzy heights of the moon above St. John Mine Mountain.

At last we arrive for the third triple bill of the weekend, to this shot which references all three -- Adam Broner (The Fixer in Antigone -- is he fixing that appliance of the future?), the Neuro-Fuzzy Refrigerator (Quantum Mechanic), and Cary Ann Rosco (one of our three namesakes in Ophelia Forever).

A few glitches -- two coughs in O (one by me after a semi-successfully stifling during an exposed, extended oboe solo, after which I nip backstage briefly, and, hopefully, silently -- hey, at least I remember the page-turn multiphonic and play the proper ascending chromatic line that had previously eluded) and the supertitles go crazy during A (calling to mind the Marx Brothers' Night at the Opera) and then are finally put out of their misery by an Harrietan intervention... brava! But still seems like a great series of shows and critic Ken Bullock appears pleased (as apparently he and Michael McDonagh were last night). All -- including Mechanic / Haemon / etc. Michael Desnoyers -- shall we say... carry it off (figuratively, and literally, as set needs to be transported to Oakland's Chapel of the Chimes for this Friday night's performance).