Thursday, November 27, 2008

November 27 - Happy Thanksgiving, Tuolumus

With Frank and Marie looking over the house, Harriet and I are near Yosemite,

in Room 18 (dubbed The O'Shaughessy) --

rather than 15 (Lyle's Room)

which is said to be haunted by its wealthy, eccentric, blythe goldminer namesake --

at the Groveland Hotel, Tuolumne ("To all o' me") County,

having left the Coast Ranges,

crossing the Central Valley via 113 South, 12 East (where gas is $1.65/gal), 99 South,

to 120 through the Sierra Foothills west of Oakdale

and up the Priest Grade. Turkey and roast beef in the 1849 dining room and general merriment.

Before leaving, finish the orchestration of Samson and Delilah: IV. Deborah, with a nod to Charles Wuorinen's Percussion Symphony.