Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 20 - Spires Ascending

Hear from Marty Rokeach, who confirms that Lino Rivera and he are planning to have me teach Music and the Enlightment aat St. Mary's College in Moraga next Spring. This will dovetail nicely with responsibilities at Diablo Valley College, and may be part of new movement afoot if West Virginian mine shaft opens up, or any other acts of random unkindness in higher economics and government, where friends in reasonably high places are of no avail.

The Analysis Quiz (a week earlier than usual [it has often fallen on the day before Thanksgiving, and that back in the days of shorter MW(F!) classes], with examples from Philip Glass and Sting), more music by John Vietch (and an interesting excerpt -- for a change -- from Stephen Sondheim [his Stravinskian Fanfare-for-a-New-Theatre analogue overture to The Flies]), a provisional recording of Joshua Fought the Battle: II. Shall We Gather (almost orchestrated completely before heading out for the day), then heading over the Berkeley Hills (above from 8/25/08) the long way for a rendezvous at Philly Cheesesteaks (where a call to George is challenged by one-heck-of-a-loud tad).

San Francisco through the maze of avenues in the south Mission hollow to pick up a check at Lewis Campbell's for Harriet, a cruise back along the coast to the scene of the non-crime, check of the Marin box (yes, checks... looks like we're still vaguely in business), and home for high jinx.