Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November 25 - The High and Populated

Harriet out on a job in Modesto while I finish the orchestration of Samson and Delilah: II. Distress (N.B. "Joshua Tree in Death Valley" was about as close to"The Death of Joshua" as online iconography could find) before the mid-day Theory, where the routine is nicely taken over by Ken Medlen and Andrew Flesher, who provide a fine dictation of Am quarter notes in 3/4

Do Me Sol
Le Do Le
Sol Do Sol
Te Re Fa

Harmonized as i, bVI, i64, bVII.

Rendezvous with Glenn re the teaching observation two Mondays ago, and evidently I pass with flying colors. Lunch at Elephant Bar and paper grading, then recording above, before evening class of music from Maurice Jarre through Philip Glass. Nice to catch up after class with Monty Bairos, comparing notes re Alan Hovhaness (my interview of AH in the 90's was probably his last, and MB has been up there in Seattle confiring with Hovhaness's widow Hinako on several occasions). After this it's out to Left Bank with Owen, Doug, and Aaron, then home to Harriet, where the heater fan, misbehaving, seems set to stay on all night.