Saturday, November 8, 2008

November 8 - Getting Cozy with the Material

Page five of Moses and Aaron: XXI orchestrated (that's the selection number, not the rating), then off to the dressing room (unrated) at The Next Stage for the next performance of Ophelia Forever, Quantum Mechanic, and Antigone, which constitute Opera Apocalypse. Here's Stephanie (properties) and Michael Desmoyers (the Quantum Mechanic and Haemon / Guard / Messenger) -- don't they make a great couple? And as they get cozy, we are all getting comfortable with the material of this show of shows.

After another great series of performances (Latitia Page in her triumphant return to the role she created in 2001... I finally don't blow any lines as Aesop in Quantum, and not too many notes are out in the ether for Ophelia), we celebrate after with Harriet March Page (our Artistic Director supreme), Christopher Theofanidis (fine composer and escort of...), Amy Beth Kirsten (composer of O), and C.A. Jordan and Megan Cullen (a.k.a Mad Mermaid and Faithful Seductress).