Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16 - Tales from the Crypt

Off on another dangerous mission, towards splendiferous skies on I-80 West in the direction of Cordelia Junction and the Sulfur Springs Mountains,

with petrol at $2.13 in at Vallejo 5-Star and Albany Hill a seemingly appropriate abstraction of eighth notes and threes (serendipity of movement in the half-light), this time back to Oakland's Chapel of the Chimes for the final Opera Apocalypse (Amy Beth Kirsten's Ophelia Forever, John Bilotta's Quantum Mechanic, and my Antigone [sounds like a pop song] -- featuring our two shining alternate-night stars:

Eliza O'Malley and Letitia Page). Fantastic final show (despite further alterations of the playing space as compared to two days previously in the same venue), in a full house, which includes Patti and Joel Deuter, Andrew Flesher, Chris Fowler, Alexis Lane Jensen, Diana Landau, Hugh Livingston, Luis Lobos, Ken Medlen, Sheli Nan, and Mark Steidel.

After the strike, many of the cast head down Piedmont for tapas at Cesar's,

including Maria Mikheyenko, Laryssa Sadoway, Kimberley Anderman, William Loney, Megan Cullen, Eliza,

Johns Bilotta and McGrew, Mark Alburger,

Harriet March Page, Meghan Dibble, Michael and Stephanie Desnoyers,

Adam Broner,

Alexandre Jerenic, Micah Epps,

Lisa McHenry and Terrence Bennon.

Down for the count upon return, but write another two pages of orchestration for Joshua Fought the Battle: II. Shall We Gather before all of above.