Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3 - Surprise! Surprise!

Rehearsal of Amy Beth Kirsten's Ophelia Forever and John Billota's Quantum Mechanic (Keisuke and the Quark Sisters, above) this evening (we open this weekend, with Antigone, at The Next Stage in San Francisco -- info at and, and home through Marin late, once Harriet finds her keys.

Earlier, write up the Oakland Opera Theater Stravinsky show for Commuter Times and 21st-Century Music, now posted at and soon at and in print, then a quick jaunt to school for a Paul McCartney Yesterday dictation, harmonizing with fairly strict voice-leading rules... Listen to a nice evolving piece of John V's then in the lab to record Moses and Aaron:

XVII. Ritournello - "Would That We Had Died"
XVIII. Interlude - "How Long" (Wander in the Wilderness)

and the beginning of

XIX. Procession - "Let Us Pass" (Balaam's Ass)

Later, orchestrate on more page of above before collapsing.

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