Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 13 - Flying High in the Semi-Dark

Another page of Moses and Aaron: XX. Chorus - "There Shall a Star" orchestrated slowly,

then Quiz 13 for the hard-working, heads-bent-to-the-task Theoreticians (Row 1 - John, Seth, Dustin, Neill; 2 - Jonathon, Megan, Francisco; 3 - Matthew, Desiree, Daniel; 4 - Jeff, Hiraoki, Sheyda, Carissa), with examples drawn from yesterday's dictation, et. al. Record thus far of There Shall,

head to Marin (above, San Rafael in the half-light) for the post-box-paper-grade-Celia's routine and home, catching up with newspapers and

managing a bit more orchestration in the dead of night.