Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1 - How Are We Doing?

So, Antigone, what are we doing at this hour? Rehearsals coming along nicely -- including work with Maria, Michael, and Erin above -- but first through the blinding rain to pick up

Tisha (who's just recently flown in from Seattle, here with Micah) in a malaise of Oakland traffic and weather together, a labyrinth of one-way streets and jaywalking crowds, parking wherever at SF's Next Stage,

for Harriet's evolved and evolving staging,

with Alix, Eliza, Kim,

Michael, Terrence, Micah, Adam, Lisa, et al,

for scenes of high camp and serious pathos,

all watched over by the pianistic machinations of loving grace from the magical Keisuke.

Drive Tisha and William back through the torrents, not of the wine which through the eyes we drink, but serious puddles, which put us at the brink of the drink. Before and after, work on and finish orchestration of Moses and Aaron: XVIII. Interlude - "How Long" (Wander in the Wilderness) -- The Jordanian desert looks even more appealing after a becoming-biblical three days of precip....