Friday, November 14, 2008

November 14 - What Did You Hear and See?

Ophelia, Quantum Mechanic, and Antigone at Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland (also this Sunday, info at and, and don't C.A. Jordan and Cary Ann Rosko (even in the blur of a supressed flash) look perfect for the place?

Excellent performances of all three works, despite the challenges of unrehearsed-in sonic and spatial situations. Also another great audience, including this time Harry Bernstein, Steven Clark, Carl Koryat, Megan Mui, and John Veitch. We head into the night, and home to finish orchestration of Moses and Aaron (several pages done before leaving mid-afternoon to print more programs, and final page in the warmth of Norther winds -- 74 degrees -- at 11:30pm).