Monday, November 17, 2008

November 18 - Doctors of Invention

Glenn Appell in class today for routine (every three years, evidently) teacher evaluation, and everything apparently goes well, with brief video clips from Philip Glass's Koyaanisqatsi and John Williams's Star Wars: Main Title, blog examples from Glass Einstein, Williams The Empire Strikes Back, and Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here: Shine On You Crazy Diamond III. Dictation is a combo plate of Glass's Satyagraha: Act I, Scene I (with no common tones in harmonization) and Akhnaten: Love Duet (with nothing but common tones. Listen to a bit of John Veitch's latest, then in the lab recording Moses and Aaron: XX. There Shall a Star. Following this, seems I must blitz out to U.C. Davis, past the atomic-barn of a new building, to take a look at Michael Tippet's A Child of Our Time (which includes settings of Go Down Moses and Deep River) and two versions of Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho.

Orchestrate Joshua Fought the Battle: I. Go Down, Moses (a post-minimalist, modal take on the Tippett, rather than on the pure form above) upon return, just after stopping for gas at $2.09 in Dixon.