Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 12 - BuildingsRomantique

Finish the orchestration of Moses and Aaron: XXI. Finale - "Sh'ma Israel" and record same in lab after class. Dictation before this is a combo of bass lines from Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach: BED, John Williams's Star Wars: Main Title, and Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here: Shine on You Crazy Diamond III, followed by fine music by Nathan Ma and excerpts from Antigone. Decide that it's time to head to U.C. Davis Shields Library to research instrumentation for M&A: XX - "There Shall a Star," inspired by the Felix Mendelssohn in his unfinished oratorio Christus. Access is via the I-80 exit, past the new south campus building

and the Mondavi Center,

parking before Mrak Hall in the low sun. Library is packed -- definitely high-study season -- and, thereafter,

back down the freeway to Dixon,

where gas

is $2.19 in the twilight (N.B. same blue truck as 11/5)


then exit with a view of the Vaca Mountains to begin new orchestration. Manage a couple of pages before heading back out to San Francisco for musical soiree at home of Lisa Prosek, who has gotten into a fender bender (or moreso) on the Golden Gate Bridge. She's O.K., and eventually arrives to play some of her brilliant music to her next Dante-inspired opera. Pre and post, husband Tom hosts, son Eduard plays some of his incredible songs, an upstairs newly-arrived neighbor with an L.A. fan base demonstrates why with impressive music, Loren Jones checks in with an intriguing India-tinged improvisation, and we have a singalong of Antigone: X. "Come on, now" (midi and sound-file accompaniment) and XI. "What is this" (our newcomer impressively reading on piano), plus M&A: XVIII. "How Much Longer." A very congenial San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra board meeting follows, after which it's home for another page of orchestral-setting.