Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November 26 - Nice Work

Orchestrate a couple of pages for Samson and Delilah: III. Dissemblance (a punky-sardonic version of the third section of Saint-Saens, the story here about the death of fat king Eglon -- Jabba the Hut and his Leian minions will have to suffice), then a hasty retreat to the redoubt of school, where Jonathon McCollum provides a dictation on a John Lennon song and Ben Dashley gives us board harmony based on one of his own pieces. A brief listen to John Veitch's latest endeavor, and he to my S&D above, the beginning of which is recorded in the lab, before the weekly Marin pilgrimage, dropping of a back issue to the printer, picking up recompense, and continuing to brave the pre-Thanksgiving traffic.

Home to Harriet thereafter, later in the evening finishing orchestration of Samson III and beginning IV. Deborah (a whole-tone distortion of John Dunstable's Sancta Maria).