Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5 - Rehearsals Forever

The day is a blur of post-celebratory sentiments and positive presentiments for the upcoming triple bill of Amy Beth Kirsten's Ophelia Forever (above, with Terrence Bennan [Hamlet] and C.A. Jordan [Ophelia / Mad Mermaid]), John Bilotta's Quantum Mechanic, and my Antigone (info at and

Orchestrate first two pages for Hear, O Israel section of Moses and Aaron (inspired by the finale to Arnold Schoenberg's A Survivor From Warsaw, depicted here in the Oskar Kokoschka portrait), dictation in Theory on Hosanna from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar (we quip, Hosanna Obama! -- all above sounding terribly religious), new recording of M&A: 17 plus the beginning of Hear. Quick zoom to Marin for paper grading at Celia's and recompense at the postbox (where gas is $2.38 on Second Street in San Rafael), over the now-$6 Golden Gate Bridge for rehearsal of OF and QM (totally unable to find any copies of any newspapers in this triumphant day after the election), followed by reverse course and collapse.