Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November 19 - The Approaching Fog

A couple of more pages orchestrated for Joshua Fought the Battle: II. Shall We Gather, and record a portion at the lab after class (last traditional teaching day -- finishing up Police King of Pain -- Quiz 14 tomorrow and students take over responsibilities come Monday). Owen and I hit upon a compromise plan (little do we know), then I take it on the road, through the Caldecott and Berkeley, south to San Mateo Bridge, over the Santa Cruz Mountains

to Half Moon Bay (here's a picture from last walk in vicinity -- it's dark this time around), gas not as low comparatively as last time, getting directionally thwarted and realizing that the trajectory is virtually identical to when John Beeman's house proved elusive.

At last I reach Marilyn Pratt whose house (with a non-illuminated street address, but fortunately big windows, through which I seredipidously glimpse her) turns our to be just down the street from John's. We record the rest of her Offstage Soprano parts in Mice Suites, Op. 68 (there she is above in rehearsal last August 17 at Chamber Arts with Maria Mikheyenko [Lennie] and Suzanna Mizell [Curley's Wife], on the laptop (including the erotic sounds of Dancesong, standing at a respectful distance in her guest bedroom [!]). Tea afterwards, and emailing Harriet, since phone battery is low, then blitzing home, well perhaps a mite con brio, at least that's what the law enforcer seems to think in the Presidio as the fog closes in on a very dark night.