Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 4 - Catch Your Death Horsing Around

Cold day today -- sunny in the hinterlands and clearing in Berkeley -- for a warm last rehearsal of Horsewomen of the Apocalypse: The Black Horse with a Touch of Gray (this Friday at 8pm, St. Gregory of Nyssa Church, San Francisco - / It's the San Rafael News Deathsongs, again, and all's well.

It's another day of recording, too.

Eliza records Death Catch, Immortality, The Reproductive Organs, and Rain-Death Fugato; and

Janet checks in with the former and latter, as well as Pontoon Tattoo (In Memoriam Sonny Bono).

Then it's off to what turns out to be the final walk, south of Castro Valley, on Fairview Road (and as schedule will change next week, this seems appropriate), where the looming views are pastel hazy

and geometrical, as the chill fog attempts to clear, bookended by equines


and east.

Arrive at the upper Hayward boarder, with a Great Wall of Suburbia now sunsetward,

and peekaboo views inland, which one hopes will continue to experience a dearth of housing. Eventually head back north, arriving home to mix versions of Death Catch, including below, of Eliza, Kristen, Elizabeth, and Janet.