Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1 - The Hills Are Quiescent with the Noise

Morning joys and sorrows (The Little Death, approaching the Death Songs of next weekend []), generating the brass parts for Variations on Americana, then off to teach with the North Lagoon Mountains drying out.

Nick T. is up for dictation today with another fine movie excerpt. Learn from Cecilia that yesterday's was from the anime Castle in the Sky, with music of

Joe Hisaishi (b. 1950). Meanwhile, Nick's today is C major: four bars with 2-beat pickup of eighths

Me Sol Do Mi Mi Fa Re Re Sol Ti Do Re Mi Do Do Re Do

I (our addition) IVM7 V7 iii7 vi ii7 V7 I

a hip version (what with seventh chords on all but vi and I) of that Renaissance inclusiveness of using chords built on all scale degrees save viio.

Following this notable compositions by Josh and Robert, followed by Conference Room Technique / How to Survive from San Rafael News: 10 Death Songs.

Home again, correcting the May 2008 issue of 21st-Century Music (now available at and soon at working on the online Music History text (, putting up info on the Trumpet of Tutankhamen and the First Delphic Hymn.