Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20 - Special Y2K Reviews

Eight years into the new millennium and we drink a toast to the time so far -- with Owen, Aga, and Doug at Left Bank.

Last Music History session previous... finishing up the special presentations, which are roundly excellent (tonight and last week) with cd's, dvd's, ipods, laptops, powerpoint, and youtube, and, yes, content, too. The tally:

Christopher B. - Tupac Shakur
Christopher C. - Michael Jackson
Anthony - Drop Kick Murphys

Anh - Beatles
Ruben - Tool

Mojib - Indian Music
Yoshiko - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Kai - Yo-Yo Ma
Hayley - Hikaru Utada

Lamar - Lamar Johnson
Larry - Beatles/Claude Bolling/Dresden Dolls
Alicia - Jay Cho
Po-Ju - Duran Duran

Suong - 12 Girls Band
Kevin - Something Corporate
Min - Bob Marley

Jackie - Franz Lizst
Amanda - Emo / Dashboard
Brian - Dahl/BP/Ugr/Port/Prl/A&

Kimberly - Kusicuna, Lauryn Hill
Mirela - Rascal Flatts
Vania - Krisdayanti

Cecilia - Salsa
Mia - Mocca
Kyle - Chris Brown, Incubus
Zhan - Jerry C.

Even earlier prepare for publication another page (6) of Mice and Men: Act V, Scene 2 -- a lot of crickets and aquatic life...