Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2 - Into Each Life

Trying to get the press release done for San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra this morning, but the universe has other ideas and I am out of commission for several hours, deserted of good health, alas.

When the desert storm abates (actually having nothing to do with the 80-year-old burlesque performer Tempest Storm performing in Mojave, above -- who pops up, perhaps understandably, if one googles "Storm in Mojave"), discover that my trusty laptop is ailing, too.

A phone call to Erling rescues the situation, saving an extended trip to the Walnut Creek Apple Store,

and am able to salvage the day finishing up the percussion and string parts for Variations on Americana, also writing a program note and posting material re it at (filed under August 2007). Also, final print-out of hard-copy May 2008 21st-Century Music (available online at and