Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28 - Muse History from Far Ago and Away

Make the choral setting of Op. 108 Blake House: 1. To the Muses -- pretty close to original piano- vocal: Basses get bass line, Tenors the piano right-hand figuration, Sopranos melody (at a bit of clarification for each, re rhythms vs text underlay in upper part and articulation for all).

Alto line is melody down an octave, honoring strictly the rhythm of the original First Delphic Hymn (c. 138 BC) from whence the piece is derived, but tying repeated notes together within phrases.

All three lower parts in vocalise (phoneme left indeterminate) with Andante as tempo marking -- an indefinite designation no doubt more relaxed than p-v version.

This, along with parts and score to Op. 110 Camino Real: Block 4, printed up at the not-quite-local Kinko's late, where I learn that it, too, is moving from these days not-quite-24-hours-a-day to much-less-than-not-quite.

Suffice it to say that it was a very dark day when Fed Ex bought Kinko's.... One longs for the previous founding admin....

Oh, yes, also posted a bit on various older European musics at, including on music of Ancient Greece, so the serendipity is palpable. Or something like that.