Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18 - Princeton, Pedestrian, Church

Once more over the brink and into San Francisco,

past the new view-obstructing tower (but beautiful in its own right),

to St. Gregory's Church,

thence to Princeton, south of the Half Moon Bay Airport (as the fog is clearing north to reveal Montara Mountain),

for lunch at Mezza

Luna ("Half Moon" -- ah, yes!)

and a walk down the quirky main street

to the burg's harbor beach

with Pilar Point glowering to the west.

Reversing course past stately cypresses,

it's a rendezvous with Harriet at the local coffee shop, where arms-over-the-head poses in the sunshine become the norm,

then a further wander north on the Princeton Access Road,

with Montara Mountain always in sight,

past views of Half Moon Bay Airport

(Pilar Point shivering in the quick-paced fog),

and symmetrical signs and fences.

String parts produced for a different road -- Camino Real Block Four -- upon return.