Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 22 - Concert and Rehearsal

Great last session with the Theory folks, with all their talented offerings for our final session of last-minute corrections and concert-presentations, including a group sing-shout of Fresno from San Fernando Hub.

Eventually off to Chamber Arts for the first rehearsal of the Tisha recital / Pagliacci program, with Harriet March Page and Robert Ashens,

with Tisha

and Harriet fully engaged.

Then the Pagliacci folks tear up the scenery in the dark night of the soulful,

for Mark Narrin's boffo "No More Rice Krispies" (that's the way it goes, thinks EM sitting on the sofa)

and Eliza O'Malley down for the count (almost a psuedo-Stravinskian sung-to-death deal!)

Finish up Noah, Noah FX (rather a lot, really) instrumental PV recording in the lab prior to this.