Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16 - Mark Alburger and the Last Theory

More morning rocking in various newspapers around the world and elsewhere,

then it's off to the last theory class (well, at least the last regular class for this semester, as next week is given over to finals), with Sarah looking mighty relaxed on the cellphone, but she's just presented as dictation the traditional English ballad Scarborough Fair, in the rendition of Paul Simon.

D (Dorian):

Do Do Sol Sol Re Me Re Do
Sol Te Do Te Sol La Fa Sol


i i bVII i
i i bIII IV (with a medievalesque snap rhythm) i

with Cristina checking things out on the keyboard, Chris still at work, and Robert having just finished harmonization. Let's see how he did.

Hm, what about that third measure, visible in both shots as C-E-F? Oh, yes, we meant C-E-G, but then we decide it sounds sorta cool and keep it, re-labeling as C(no5)add4, now justifying the neighbor note in the melody as a chord tone....

Meanwhile, how are Boards 4, 3, and 2 doing? Looks good with Mike and Cristina en medias res (taken before above shots, possibly about to encounter parallel-motion trouble with the tenor note in the F chord, but looking good in their common-tone closed-spacing conclusion), Nick M. and Cecilia (with the latter's also fine closed spacing, with contrary motion between chords a second apart, and the same ending as above), and Deborah with an awful lot of absolutely fine Dm in open spacing (well, that's the way the piece goes).

And here's Joel arriving late (while Nick's work is looking good), having recently performed more top-drawer Frederic Chopin,

and further redeeming himself with interesting questions during performance of lovely and intriguing music by Deborah and Nick M. (who graces us with live guitar performance),

and Block 4 from Camino Real (somewhere else in this time period, produce the brass parts for same), which yields the query, "What does it mean?"

So many things, of course (and certainly Tennessee Williams left much up to discussion, and then there's Samuel Beckett on Godot, to the effect of -- If I knew, I would have said so in the play), but as well, one of Harry Partch's bon mots comes to mind in The Dreamer That Remains:

No messages!
Too many messages!
No messages!

With that, bound for Marin to drop off the hard-copy masters of the May and June 2008 issues of 21st-Century Music ( and, via the chaotic wonders of Emeryville,

also grading papers at Celia's and making arrangements for standard maintenance (auto, not me...yet...), beyond the flowers of Novato

to the slopes of Mt. Burdell (cue the music).

Home past the newly-desertic landscapes of Cordelia junction,

to a light-framed portrait of Two Sisters,

up Green Valley Road,

with stunning views of Buckhorn Peak (wait, haven't we almost come full circle?),

through a cleft near Rockville (yes!).