Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31 - More Of Mice and Mordake

Page 11 of Mice and Men: Act V, Scene 2 prepared for publication, then off to see

Meghan Dibble (of Estragon Waiting for Godot fame, as well as Steven Clark's Dionysus and the Child in Sheli Nan's Saga among other wonderful roles) briefly (cooling heels with newspapers and blogging, while she and Harriet have a meeting re upcoming auditions) in the foggy-windy Monterey district of San Francisco,

with, nonetheless beautiful views south from her balcony (close to this vista, which is actually from higher up on the slopes of Mt. Davidson, SF's high point),

then off again to see the wizard Erling Wold's brilliant

Mordake, with the one-and-only John Duykers (of Mao renown in John Adams's Nixon in China, Pilate in Erling's Sub Pontio Pilato, leading roles in SF Opera productions including the Virgil Thomson Mother of Us All several years back) in this beautiful, intriguing, and ominous production -- written up soon at,, and 21st-Century Music -- featuring altered recorded music by our own San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra conducted (though uncredited -- Erling has extended his apologies, cheerfully accepted) by yours truly.