Tuesday, April 15, 2008

September 15 - Canyons to the Starry Savannas

More John Williams (and no Olivier Messiaen) for dictation today: The Force from Star Wars --

Melody C: Sol Do Re Me Fa Me Sol Sol Do Re Me Sol Me Do Sol Fa

Harmony: i V7 i V i IV, with its nice surprise borrowing (aside from all the normal harmonic minor usages) of IV from the major scale.

Another day of a fair amount of listening: Sergei Rachmaninoff (imagine that), Joaquin Rodrigo, Christopher Rouse (a bit), Tan Dun, Peter Tchaikovsky, Georg Philipp Telemann (whose plethora of compositions evidently do not have a date among 'em, if Grove 1980, Wikipedia, and other available online sources total silence on this point would seem to suggest), Antonio Vivaldi....

Evening class is mostly the older minimalists, including Henryk Gorecki, Arvo Part, Terry Riley, La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Philip Glass.

The Dalai Lama escapes to India during the Glass score in Kundun (and all of this is back in the news, of course), and we all escape to our respective next destination --

Doug and Owen and our student pianist and I to Elephant Bar, in lieu of an early-closing Left Bank (I with my computer firmly clenched) --

a watering hole of much beauty with the gazelles bouncing about bounteously.

Home late, preparing for publication the second page of second imitative section of Triple Fugato of Vengeance from Mice and Men Act V Scene 1.