Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 6 - Sprung from Sing Sang Sung

Back to Berkeley for weekly Chamber Arts rehearsal

with Beth, Allen, Harriet,


Janet, and Kat (in medias Soprano Fire).

Record Beth in the Antigone excerpts and San Rafael News: X. Sylvia Dryer (the latter below),


Sylvia Dryer
White female 79 years 5 2 100 pounds

Sylvia Dryer
Short gray hair page boy style blue eyes partially blind

Sylvia also suffers from Alzheimers
And a severe case of asthma probably in need of her medication

Sylvia Dryer
Clothing black and blue flowered dress
White cloth jacket brown leather sandals

Last seen around 3:30 pm yesterday
Near Ted's Bar in San Anselmo

Missing from a residential rest home located on
West End Avenue in San Rafael

Any information please call
San Rafael Police at
(415) 485-3000


Eliza in Antigone: V. Where Is Your Pain, and

Kat in The Bald Soprano: XVIII. The Fire.

Then off to Amok Time practice at William's

(via Steven's -- rehearsal shots from last Sunday evening), along with

William, Susan, Karl,

Suzanna, and Cynthia

(including the notorious "He'll die, Jim" bit;

followed by a walk on Maud Avenue in the Fairview District of Hayward, up on Walpert Ridge (ultimately heading towards Niles Canyon, etc), with the sun going down and a chill wind kicking up.