Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28 - A Day at the Opera

Very early, mix a version of San Rafael News: VIII. Rain-Death Fugato (Death Is the Rain) of Kristen Jones and Elizabeth Henry.

Text from a book on hunting:

Death is the rain that fills the river of life inside us all
Nature's not fed by mercy

Then off to an Opera America Workshop at San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House, featuring a tour of backstage and views from upstage looking out into the house (at top),

and top gazing down to the stage and pit (N.B. the two pianos and harpsichord as part of the pit set-up for SF Ballet Festival of New Works -- one can only wonder when such a festival would be part of an SF Opera Season....).

Full photos of the day's events eventually at -- after the wine-and-cheese we enter back into the glorious light between the War Memorial and Herbst Theater, looking toward City Hall,

Harriet basking briefly in the sun,

ultimately heading over the Golden Gate Bridge,

to the Marin Headlands,

making a beeline toward the

Rainbow Tunnels,

and downgrade again north with Mt. Tam rising.