Saturday, April 26, 2008

April 26 - Variations on Americans

More exciting encounters, preparing for publication first eight pages of section 4 Variations on Americana (Spacious Skies , Green with a Touch of Amber Waves, Purple Twin Sisters Mountains Majesty Above a Fluted Suisun Plain from yesterday's Cordelia Turtleback Escape trip),

then Harriet and I rendezvous with Tisha at Oakland Marriot for a brewpub calimari and tostada dinner before a Works-In-Progress show at Chamber Arts, run by Eliza O'Malley,

with Alex Katzman and Alix Jerinic warming up,

as T and H gaze attentively,

as do (less attentively) friend-of -AJ, AJ, Deborah, and Meghan Dibble later on.

Whereafter Tisha takes the floor for German opera,

while Richard Mix looms ominously,

and sings marvelously during the show itself.

And speaking of marvelous, Harriet delivers her bang-up Old Lady's Tango (I Am Easily Assimilated) from Leonard Bernstein's Candide,

and I'm up for a piano-vocal of Sylvia Dryer from San Rafael News; home late finishing up business cards with above shots for Harriet and me.