Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20 - News to Us

It's been a year since Halfway Mark, and we soldier on. Concert last night, and many of us are back at Chamber Arts by mid-day: Elizabeth, Kirsten, Janet, Eliza, Harriet. We make striking progress with all 10 of the Deathsongs that are San Rafael News (provisional recordings are up at [dated February 1, 1995]).

Break a little early, and Harriet and I head to Castro Valley for a Mexican lunch at some nice humble little dive, then a walk on Fairview Drive above it all, with views east past an ominous plot,

with development heinously invading the open spaces.

West, beyond a red-hewed hedge, stretches the Bay, San Francisco, and Mount Tam.

A path on a hillock plunges down past what could be

a row of madrone to the north,

a hovel

and mansion to the south.

separated by the pure lines of hills

threatened by development.

Who knows what fortunes lie behind the fence,

and the fates of a green vale making a beeline toward the San Mateo Bridge --

one can only hope that the impact will be no more than the palatial doll house emerging from the eucalypti

and pines.

Around a bend and the car comes into view, along with Bay, City, and Mountain.

Time to go home, past the green grafitti barn in the Dublin Canyon declivity,

and the wildflowers of the Diablo Foothills to the east of Danville.

And yes, preparing for publication page five of the second part of Triple Fugato of Vengeance from Mice and Men, Act V, Scene 1.