Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23 - Editing Life

More editing at this morning, plus preparing for publication page 8 of Part 2 Triple Fugato of Vengeance from Mice and Men, Act V, Scene 1.

Dictation in Theory is The Shire from Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings, in D at the end of The Two Towers, but in E in the sheet music, first four bars with two-eighth-note pickup --

Do Re Mi Sol Mi Re Do
Mi Sol La Do Ti Sol Mi Fa Mi Re

-- the first melodic phrase identical to Terra Beata, the traditional English melody arranged by Franklin L. Sheppard in his Alleluia (1915), the melody to the hymn words This Is My Father's World (1901). by Maltbie D. Babcock --

The harmony down at Shore excerpt being

I iii IV I6 IV V I6 V64.

In the lab following, editing/mixing the Halfway Mark cuts before the intermission.