Friday, April 18, 2008

April 18 - Play & Sing to the People & Animals

Compositions in Theory today -- fine pieces by Curtis and Mike (the latter on guitar, assisted by Chris), plus Antigone: V. Where Is Your Pain? and

XVIII. The Fire from

The Bald Soprano, both of which (the pieces, rather than above personages) will be on The Red Horse show, 8pm tomorrow, at St. Gregory of Nyssa, 500 De Haro Street, San Francisco, with more info at

Next is dictation from Philip Glass's Akhnaten,

the Duet with Nefertiti: chromatic palindromic bassline

E: Sol Le La Le Sol

with the common-tone-madness harmony of

I64 bVIM7 viho7 bVIM7 I64

In the lab thereafter, adding soundfiles to --

(March 10, 1999; New Music, 1999)
Grand Zoological Fantasy-Variations for Chamber Orchestra
(1111 1111, 1 perc, pf, strings)

-- as below, in parts A and D

A. Cold-Blooded

I. Wasps

II. Flies

III. Spiders

IV. Crabs

V. Sharks

VI. Frogs

VII. Turtles

VIII. Snakes

B. Birds

IX. Penguins
X. Ducks
XI. Swans
XII. Eagles
XIII. Seagulls
XIV. Chickens
XV. Nightingales
XVI. Cuckoos

C. Mammals I

XVII. Platypusses
XVIII. Kangaroos
XIX. Mice
XX. Squirrels
XXI. Whales
XXII. Bears
XXIV. Lions

D. Mammals II

XXV. Dogs

XXVI. Wolves

XXVII. Skunks

XXVIII. Elephants

XXIX. Horses

XXX. Donkeys

XXXI. Pigs

XXXII. Sheep

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