Friday, April 25, 2008

April 25 - Impediments and Overcomings

Finished preparing for publication Triple Fugato of Vengeance (Part 2) and Postlude from Mice and Men Act V, Scene 1, and recorded both in the DVC lab (shot above of the drying-out North Lagoon Mountains, taken several days ago on April 21 when returning home, may stand in for another Salinas-valley-environs photo).

Theory dictation is from Block 3 of Camino Real, the whole of which is played in class, as well as a bit of Block 4, and a nice work-in-progress from Sarah.

Part of return is along the road paralleling I-80 to the southeast, stopping off at Cordelia,

where a turreted homestead

is occluded by a line of tanker cars.