Monday, September 8, 2008

September 8 - Day of Wraiths

Dies Irae today for dictation, harmonized with a dominant drone, introducing intervals larger than the fifth,

also a sight-sing of the Hymn to St. Magnus and impressive student compositions, some going far beyond the required 4 measures of monophony.

Lab work, so to speak, turns out to be fairly extensive, finally finishing off a vocal recording (Act V, Scene 2 B through E, the F conclusion having been previously recorded -- above are Wayne Wong [George] and Maria Mikheyenko [Lennie] delivering the ending September 5's dress rehearsal) of Mice and Men, a project begun at the beginning of last year, plus VIII. On His Way from Israel in Trouble.

Home, and the Trouble continues with 5 more pages of orchestration (on beyond mostly piano, for a total of 11 for this penultimate movement (IX. One Day Dinah -- Peter Paul Rubens's Rape of the Sabine Women will have to serve as a stand-in, as D is virtually un-iconographed) thus far. Jacob and sons and women seem to get the orchestrated sections, while the Canaanites seem to get theirs with piano, whateve that means. Also about 4 hours of work for the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra, planning for the November performance.