Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September 3 - Symphony Opener

It's the annual San Francisco Symphony Gala with Harriet hobnobbing in the Press Room with Georgia Rowe, Marilyn Tucker, and other friendly folks.

Previous to this, it was Gregorian Chant Day in Music Theory, singing Kyrie IV, among other Medieval hit singles,

and dictation/harmonization of the lower line of the Orkney Island Hymn to St. Magnus.

But now we make our way upstairs through the crowds,

which includes the Symphony's own piano player Robin Sutherland (or his lookalike, at right -- also, nice bald bilateral symmetry framing flowing locks -- N.B. above two and immediate below were all taken by just holding the camera up in the air and clicking while we were trapped below in the throngs),

past the lower [huzzah!]

and upper staircases [engineering marvels!],

to the interior of Davies Hall,

where the San Francisco Symphony makes ready to play music of Leo Delibes, Leonard Bernstein, and Sergei Rachmaninoff (report in Commuter Times this Friday, and soon thereafter for 21st-Century Music,, and,

then out into the clear, dark, relatively mild (for San Francisco, at least) night of Van Ness Avenue (north, with a blue City Hall,

and south)

and home, and how can there be any time to produce the third page of orchestration for Israel in Trouble: VIII?