Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 24 - Windows Onto and Unto the Worlds

We all have our constructs, and music and nature seem to be as good for many. The theoreticians get J.S. Bach's Cantata 140 ("Wachet Auf") Chorale for dictation, harmonization, and keyboard-solfege, plus a little Fugue in G Minor ("Little") and more dynamic second compositions from Desiree (revisted from yesterday, as the piece featured a "one-note-changes-perceptions" issue), Clarissa (for sight-singing), and Danny (with an evocative pop-sensibility and a classical sense of contrast).

Beyond, it's a walk on the Old San Pablo Dam Trail from the East Bay Municipal Water District Headquarters -- past meadows, forests, and mountains -- with views of the

Reservoir and

the Sobrante Ridge,

to the Inspiration Trail's ascent up the east slope of the Berkeley Hills,

which takes on increasing stature

during the loop back on San Pablo Dam Road,

with grasslandic / chaparallic vistas again of Sobrante Ridge,

ending near downslope of a Berkeley Hills upland meadow of trimmed trees and power lines.

Then it's off to Marin to drop off the journal in San Rafael,

check the post box in San Anselmo, below Mt. Tamalpais and

Bald Hill (namesake?), and do the Celia's-paper-grading thing.

Oh, yes, upon returning home, finish the orchestration of The Passion According to St. Matthew: II. Where Will You Go and begin III. Truly, I Say to You (One of You Will Betray Me), the latter seemingly orchestrationally influenced by the Stravinsky Requiem Canticles: Tuba Mirum again plus Alban Berg's Wozzeck: Act II, Scene 5.