Sunday, September 21, 2008

September 21 - Post-Apocalyptic Fantasies

First rehearsal, at Chamber Arts, of John Bilata's Quantum Mechanic, plus revival of Antigone (above from the 2001 production, with Mark Alburger, Laetitia C. Page, and David Saslav) and we have excellent casts for both, graced by Alex Katsman's amazing nine-finger-piano work,

and such stars as Adam Broner and Eliza O'Malley (who will share the latter title role this time around with Tisha), all under the direction of Harriet March Page.

Dinner with Harriet at local bistro, then she's off to a Modesto hotel for a job early tomorrow and I am left to my own devices, finishing orchestration of Abraham and Isaac: XI. The Sacrifice, a total of 72 pages.