Monday, September 22, 2008

September 22 - When We Are Laid

Harriet still off on her Modesto gig while the Theoreticians get a crack at "When I Am Laid in Earth" from Henry Purcell's Dido and Aeneas (plus a bit more dictation fun from W.A. Mozart in Peter Shaffer's Amadeus),

thereafter the same get subjected to The Pied Piper of Hamelin - Overture: Rats! rap.

Thereafter thereafter a few private theory tutorials and recording Abraham and Isaac: III. The Rescue (with 50 different sound files of warfare -- guns, planes, tanks -- from the BBC collection), VI. The Circumcision (including four samples of hospital backgrounds), IX. The Deception (a GarageBand edit of a Cuebase original), and XI. The Sacrifice [XII. The Burial / XIII. The Wife / XIV. The Death] (utilizing bells, vibraphone, growly tenor sax, and distorted-overdrive electric guitar respectively for Isaac, Angel, Abraham, and God).

Leaving the music building, a beautiful Diablo sunset,

reunion, and two first two pages of The Passion According to St. Matthew, Op. 55, orchestrated.