Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25 - Limit on the Late Last Suppers

Do the orchestration of The Passion According to St. Matthew: IV. Now As They Were Eating, and am a bit late to class for Quiz 6 (Baroque harmony) -- must have been something while eating... Afterwards record Cubase versions of early sections of PASM, restricted to movements I-IV, and rendezvous with Eileen Meredith and Harriet at Chevy's on Van Ness,

before attending the San-Francisco-Opera-commissioned Stewart Wallace / Amy Tan Bonesetter's Daughter, which features a meal at a Chinese restaurant in February 1997 where the protagonist's mother has a stroke -- report which will run next week at and later for Commuter Times, 21st-Century Music, and -- before returning home to a c. midnight repast.