Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 4 - Being for the Benefit of Mr. Music

Trying to send Harriet an updated September Benefit poster, I discover that pdfs can be saved as jpegs (no doubt common knowledge to millions, but definitely news to me), so here's the poster! Also means that other music and text pdfs can be posted on blogspot -- a definite plus, since there's apparently only only a modest amount of available sheet music out there on the web in any form at present..

Also discover that there are a fair number of messages in my gmail account, which I rarely use, among them a gentleman from Houston interested in the Tuba Concerto, so we go over the first seven galleys of the piano-tuba version, will look at orchestral score next week.

In googling for an appropriate tubistic image, also came across the TUBA procedure.

And what's with the matching before and after clothing?

Otherwise, of course, there's Tuba City, memorably memorialized by Ansel Adams in 1941.

Quiz 3 in Theory (Dorian, Minor, Phrygian, and intervals up through 5ths), and almost run out of quizzes, the class is so big, followed by editing a letter of recommend for Tim White, who deserves all high praise (I have him to thank for getting me on myspace and learning how to insert pictures in Word -- again, common knowledge for so many -- and, while he taught me many other things in the classes I've taken with him as a faculty colleague, those above little notions ultimately pointed me in the direction of an Apple Macbook, finally getting a cellphone, starting the five blogs on blogspot, etc....).

Also following is recording the rest (IV-VII) of the instrumental version of The Creation in the lab, to be posted at

Op. 93 THE CREATION (December 3, 2000)
I. In the beginning
II. Let there be a firmament
III. Let the waters be gathered
IV. Let there be lights
V. Let the waters bring forth
VI. Let the earth bring forth
VII. Let us make man

Oh, yes, also recorded first two movements (instrumental versions, as above) of

I. Liturgy of Earth
II. Vocalise for the Disobedience at the Beginning of Time