Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 27 - The Rest of the Story

Second conducted rehearsal at Skye's with C.A., Megan, Cary, and Harriet -- then Philadelphia cheesesteaks and hoagies and a trip to the Berkeley Music Library through the throngs of Go Bears football attendees (well, most have migrated slightly south by the time this picture is taken)...

A second trip leads to the top of Sobrante ("the rest" or "the remainder") Peak (c. 1100 ft) in the Briones EBMUD lands (about 2.5 miles today, maybe 3.5 previously), connecting up with yesterday's jaunt -- have now walked the from Dry Creek Canyon in Napa to the top of Mission Peak in Contra Costa, over the years.

Home again and one page of orchestration each for The Passion According to St. Matthew: IX and Amazing Joseph: I. Oh, yes, and draft program and begin press release for November San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra show + also working with Harriet on the GHP Antigone-Ophelia-Quantum postcard.