Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29 - Target Practice

W.A. Mozart Sonata in C, K. 545, for dictation, harmony, and keyboard-solfege in Theory, then to the lab for longer than expected recording Amazing Joseph: I. I Had a Dream. After this, it's a fly up the freeway to U.C. Davis to search and rescue Aaron Copland's Music for the Theatre for orchestrational advice in II. Meanwhile, Judah -- an amazing story of coitus interuptus and father / daughter-in-law liaisons -- did Luigi Pirandello travel the latter path in writing Six Character in Search of an Author? Hard to say, kid.....

Before this, write the press release for the San Francisco Composers Orchestra Moving Targets concert (November 8, 2008), posted soon at, and write the review of Stuart Wallace's The Bonesetter's Daughter, on and soon at and in print.

Evening is given over to orchestration of A section of Meanwhile, plus work on the

Opera Apocalypse! post card for Goat Hall / San Francisco Cabaret Opera and Harriet (which includes Antigone, above from the photo shot yesterday at Chamber Arts House in Berkeley).