Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 7 - Room (Enroute on Route) 101

You know what's there. Your dreams. The irrational. The surreal.

View from the Motel -- not at 6, but 11am -- is a sky suddenly clear of coastal stratus, the naked hills near Santa Maria shining in the brisk light of framing foliage and a suspicious sign.

The trip north is fog clearing (seemingly perpetually) in Pismo Beach (but reliably bright in Avila),

the volcanic cones near

the Madonna Inn and San Luis Obispo, and

the chaparral anvils and sensuous slope undulations of the approach to

Cuesta Summit.

A turnoff to

the entrance of

Mission San Miguel,

stark against the sere semi-desert

is a welcome oasic,


de Chirican respite,

but it's time to move on, as

the oak


canyons (west),

and cliffs (east) around Bradley beckon,

beyond to the wider stretches of the Salinas Valley,

watched over by the Santa Lucias

and the Galivans.

After the rock monoliths approaching the Hollister turnoff,

Mission Peak looms.

Since this was supposed to be a hiking day, tt's time for a walk connecting the Fairview Highlands with

Garin Park,

then home.