Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28 - Let There Be Hot, Heavy Music

Quiz 2 in Theory (Treble and Bass Clef -- F Modes), still more students signing up, learned how to get add codes online (thanks to Owen), heard Chris's new piece (quite impressive), record vocals for Mice and Men: Act V, Scene 2 A "Lennie, what you shoutin' for?", plus instrumental versions of Abraham and Isaac: I. The Call, and Op. 98 The Creation: I-III. One hour and forty minutes of the Biblical tome recorded thus far....

At home, Harriet still working away at donor letter mailing, while I finish orchestration (18 pages total for the movement) of Israel in Trouble: III. Eyes Dim (musically inspired by the Igor Stravinsky Abraham and Isaac, despite the different later story line) -- Rebekah turns out to be quite the conniver; with a willing, youthful, somewhat callous Jacob; Isaac blindly clueless, extensively singing away in an atonal/middle-eastern manner; Esau not far behind him. Additionally, good to receive word from the state government today -- evidently tax submission was OK. As well, second day of a heat wave (supposedly temps over one hundred last two days, though porch thermom never registers more than 92 in our experience over the interval...however, we've suspected the little gauge may be past its prime...predict, nonetheless 75 degrees at 2 in the morning), so no complaints.