Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10 - Mice & Antigone & Diocletian & Iliad

Harriet and I at Kinko's (soon to change its name and lose our interest) preparing for the get-together and rehearsal today (in my case picking up piano-vocal scores to Antigone and printing up a couple of pv Diocletians [short version]), then off to second floor of Chamber Arts, where Wayne Wong and Maria Mikheyenko hold forth as George and Lennie in Mice and Men Act I part K "We're gonna get the jack together,"

"What you gonna say tomorrow to the boss?" and

"George, you asleep?"

More rehearsal pictures soon at (dated September 6, 2008), then downstairs for a Goat Hall / San Francisco Cabaret Opera Singer-Composer Matchmaking Event, with Harriet introducing Amy Beth Kirsten's Orphelia Forever,

John Bilata talking about his Quantum Mechanic, and

my presentation on Antigone (performing "Where Is Your Pain, My Dear?", "Haemon," "Come On Now Miss," and "The Spring Is Wound")

and Diocletian (with "Great Diocletian," "What Shall I Do?", and "Happy Funeral Music"). Season will also include Henry Purcell's Dioclesian and W.A. Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro (alas the two latter composers were not able to attend).

Afterwards more Mice and Men rehearsal, and others linger, too, including Harriet, Meghan Dibble, Maria, and

Eliza --

who borrows me re the clavinova's delivery for a house concert

at a north Berkeley house with a beautiful prospect.

Partial Goat Hall Board Meeting afterwards at La Paz,

near the corner of Cedar and Shattuck.

then home via the evenglow of the Claremont and

Mt. Diablo --

and even time upon return for second page of "Odysseus" from Iliad Songs prepared for publication.