Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 3 - Cast of Nine and Billions

At last we have a cast -- complete for now -- for Mice and Men excerpts -- and all at rehearsal, which goes very well over entire three hours at Chamber Arts

Suzanna Mizell - Curley's Wife
Maria Mikheyenko - Lennie
Wayne Wong - George
Erin Lahm - Slim / Whit
Alix Jerenic - Candy
Adam Broner - Crooks
Marilyn Pratt - Offstage Soprano

Megan Cullen - Carlson / Boss
Mark Alburger - Curley

Beyond, a return to lamentably-developed Walpert Ridge above Hayward, with views west to the edge of Garin Regional Park, with a hint of the Bay, plus Peninsula ridges and fog beyond -- as great a discovery as any during the walk, is the "back gate" of Garin / Dry Creek Pioneer, which will save perhaps arduous hikes down and around Cal State East Bay. Instead, can proceed next time on a course directly into the parks....

Return via a suburban hill-park picnic area

and the comforts of the car, still with the fog beyond -- dinner with Harriet at a local pub,

plus beginning of "Odysseus" movement of Iliad Songs prepared for publication.