Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13 - Sic Transit Gloria Summer

To DVC, where the burned security building of the early days of summer is no more,

finishing the instrumental recording of Antigone --

XVI. Antigone
XVII. Take Her Away
XVIII. It's You
XIX. News to Brek Your Heart
XX. I've Had Them Laid
XXI. There We Are

-- and catching up with Doug Michael, who is getting the Lab ready for next week

-- then to Lisa Scola Prosek's salon in San Francisco, where Loren Jones and she play several intriguing new works, checking in as well with Happy Funeral Music from Diocletian as a group sing (along the lines of August 10's singer-composer get-together) and Act I "With us it ain't like that" from Mice and Men, followed by a big and cordial San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra board meeting

(in attendance

Mark Alburger
Rachel Condry
David Graves
Philip Freihofner
Loren Jones
Lisa Scola Prosek
Martha Stoddard
Davide Verotta
Erling Wold

[Alexis Alrich still on the plane from Hong Kong,
Michael Cooke out of the country -- guessing Japan]),

all of this unphotographed, so a picture of Phil doing a solo dance outside of Erling's after will have to suffice.

Home thereafter, and before all this finish up the orchestration (through page 7) of I. And the whole earth from Babel, Op. 47.