Friday, August 1, 2008

August 1 - 21st-Century Musical Topology

Finish the August 2008 issue of 21st-Century Music, with a brief feature on Bay Area composer-kotoist Miya Masaoka, now online ( and soon also at and in print.

Email from Owen, and we're already gearing up for the fall semester.

Whoops! Not like that! (amazing what can happen when one googles for pictures re "college") Actually, both Owen and I prepare in rather monkish fashions, he to the Sierra, as above (not directly above, rather, two above -- well, shall we say two pictures above..),

and I to a continuing improvisation re the straight-and-narrow of the Pacific Crest Trail in Southern California (stringing dayhikes and a few overnights together between the Mexican border and the crossing of the Antelope Valley), definitely thinking of Mt. San Jacinto this year, conditions permitting (above is the view of MSJ from the top of Mt. San Gorgonio -- the goal of each of the last two years, respectively from south and north approaches),

via Marion Mountain Campground, if possible (the shortest, steepest route...).

Meanwhile begin another publication-preparation job -- the considerably shorter Iliad Songs, op. 46 (of course, I just happened to happen on Agostino Carracci (August 16, 1557 - March 22, 1602) - I Modi [The Ways]: XV. Achilles and Briseis) --

and avidly awaiting Harriet's return (she's due either tomorrow or the next day).