Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29 - Time Is at Its Exercise

Eight pages of orchestration of Israel in Trouble: IV. Fly Away -- Jacob fleeing his homeland and dreaming of the ladder -- Benjamin Britten's Peter Grimes: Sea Interlude IV minimalized and modalized.

Make the Marin and East Bay rounds, past Albany Hill.

[West view from Richard Mix's front porch, with the fog coming in (quite a difference from the c. 100 degree heat experienced just inland a few hours previously)]

dropping off CD and score of Antigone to Richard Mix,

who's on location and on for our November shows.

Brief walk near Briones Reservoir in the East Bay Municipal Water District Lands,

then a bit lost (third time today!) before winding up at DVC to record yesterday's finished orchestration of I in T: III. Eyes Dim,

thereafter home, helping Harriet design an E-Goat Newsletter.