Friday, August 15, 2008

August 15 - Cross Porpoises

Faculty luncheon meeting today, and thereafter recording piano-vocal midi versions for first five sound files of Diocletian, Op. 90 (just the short version for now), including part one of Happy Funeral Music chorus (cross is the excuse for the above),

plus Tritone Orchestra version of I. And the Whole Earth from Babel, Op. 47,

with its 5/8+5/8+9/8+5/8+9/8 (i.e. 33-rapid-beat) rhythmic cycle. Also finish orchestration of II. Behold, they are one from same, constituting page 10-12.

And, O.K., to justify blog title, thinking that it's about time to orchestrate the rest of The Wind God, which will require another trip to Davis re orchestrational advice (specifically the march music, which requires Dmitri Shostakovichian touches) and will purposefully include the dolphin denouement.