Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 9 - A Muse to Death

Begin orchestration of Samson and Delilah: IX. Defeat (The Ass's Jaw) -- 9 pages -- before heading off to DVC. Daniel and Desiree present, seasonally appropriately, Irving Berlin's White Christmas, with a classic appoggiatura and very straightforward harmonization that by now is a snap for our theoretician sleuths.

Music by Desiree (related to the Berlin), Francisco (with major chords located on a descending whole tone fragment -- Do Te Le Se), and John (on his snappy new Macbook) follows, and afternoon is devoted to Elephant Bar paper grading.

Evening class proceeds from Reich and Glass, now with excerpts on the blog, through Alburger and Wold, still waiting for musical examples, then home to orchestrated a nightcap of 8 more pages of above, for a total of 17 for the day (all based on Aaron Copland's Hoedown from Rodeo, which always seems to be crying for more melodic content, anyway).

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